Giving Wise has become easyTithe – your username and password remain the same, and the online giving directions remain largely unchanged. Use the button below to manage your account and online giving.

The way we handle money as a society is changing; we are more likely to use plastic than cash, and automatic payments are a valuable convenience. These changes have impacted giving in worship, and we are pleased to now offer online giving for both one-time gifts and recurring giving.

Giving is an important act of worship in our weekly liturgy, and it is also important that our children see us giving on a regular basis. Online payment systems abstract the act of giving from the worship service, so we have provided a way for you to symbolize your act of giving in worship. Simply mark the box on the attendance card “I gave online,” and drop in the offering plate.

Stewardship of the resources God has given us is something we value at St. Luke’s. Online payment systems introduce extra fees, which decrease the value of your gifts. Please consider choosing to draft from your bank account, rather than a credit/debit card, in order to make your gift more valuable.