Resources for Faith Practices, Worship, and Learning

There are many resources for spiritual formation to be found on the internet. These resources are perfect for those who are traveling, home-bound, or transportation challenged. They offer options for spiritual community in a culture where loneliness, isolation, and a spiritual yearning are more widespread than ever.

Lectionary and Bible Study

ELCA Bible Studies: Daily Discipleship and Daily Faith Practices

Daily Discipleship and Daily Faith Practices are online downloadable Bible studies based on the Revised Common Lectionary. Daily Discipleship is based on the Gospel Lesson and Daily Faith Practices is based on the Second Lesson. The Daily Faith Practices and Daily Discipleship Bible Studies are organized by year and season. We are currently in Year C (2022).

Luther Seminary: Enter the Bible

Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. Think of Enter the Bible as your guide, a helpful reference tool to accompany you in your reading of the Bible.

Prayer Resources

Luther Seminary: God Pauses

A resource for daily devotion, these are short, meaningful reflections based on the lectionary. You can sign up to have them delivered to your email inbox.

Pray As You Go

This is an audio ministry of the Jesuit Media Initiatives of Great Britain. These audio recordings in a contemplative format using music and a lectio-divina approach to reading scripture are a perfect way to begin or end your day in quiet with God. This resource is also particularly healing to use when on experiences spiritual dryness.

The Upper Room Daily Reflections

This daily devotional guide from Upper Room Ministries offers short devotions that apply the message of scripture to the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.

Worship Resource

Luther Seminary: Working Preacher

Working Preacher provides an in-depth commentary on the upcoming Sunday lessons for those who enjoy going deeper into the text.

Family and Parent Resource

Milestones Ministry

At Milestones Ministry, one of their principles for faith formation is, “Where Christ is present in faith, the home is church, too!” This is a time to encourage, engage in, and learn to “speak faith” and practice in the home.

All resources on the website embrace the home as a primary setting that partners with the congregation. They provide encouragement for families and help them learn to “speak faith” and practice it in their home.

This is also the place to find extra ideas and videos from the Taking Faith Home resource St. Luke’s includes in our church email and in the Happenings.

Sticky Faith for Parents

The Fuller Youth Institute is well known for its many resources that help with spiritual guidance and understanding of adolescents.

Additional Options

  • Take a course online at a scheduled time with a group or at your own time and pace
  • Take an online course at church or a seminary
  • Read and view videos online at a Bible website
  • Join an online Bible study group at another church or on Facebook
  • Watch a video series on YouTube from a scripture scholar such as N.T. Wright, as you read his book or watch a video series produced by another congregation that is available on their website
  • Find a mentor online or from our community who will guide your self-directed Bible study
  • Listen to audio versions of your book(s) using your smartphone as you commute
  • Download a Bible study app, engage in daily Bible readings and reflections, and share your reflections with others who are studying the Bible using the app and social media
  • Organize your own learning group by gathering a group of people who are interested in learning more about the Bible and using print, audio, video, and online resources to guide your group