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A Personal Message

by Sharon Ross
Two hands touching fingertips to show that we remain connected

Sharon has written a personal message to all of us. The past two weeks have been hard, let her words encourage you.

IHOW: International House of Worship

by Jonathan Lonsway
image biracial family of enjoying dinner together

We learn some important life lessons around the dinner table. How to be polite, to be patient, to thank the chef, how to have a conversation, and how to slow down and savor are just some of the many lessons my parents tried to teach me, but by far the most important was how to try new […]

Creative Change Is Not Loose Change

by Jonathan Lonsway
stack of loose change

We’ve been talking a lot about change here at St. Luke’s.  Change is sometimes something we choose to do, for right or wrong reasons. Sometimes change is forced upon us as we adapt to the world around us.  Maybe the thought of change unsettles you, or even the sound of the word gives you the […]