Our Congregation is lead and served by a Congregational Council and various committees who work with the ministry staff. Here is a list of congregation leaders and roles for your information. They would be glad to hear from you!

Congregation Council

Name Role
Jan Barclay President
Sarah Elliot Vice-President
Alanna Klomp Secretary
Nate Bollman Youth Representative
Cathy Vogel Faith Formation
Amy Eagle Hospitality
Caleb Uecker-Herman Finance
Lynn Bardo Growth & Property
Ray Schulte Social Ministry
Richard Notestine Stewardship
Deb Granger Worship & Music


You will notice that several of our committees have no chairperson, and some are short on members. If you have a passion for any of these ministry areas, we’d love to have you join our teams!

Faith Formation

Name Role
Maria Heldt Chair
Cathy Vogel Council Liason
Sharon Ross Staff Liason
Erin Atkinson
Dave Nelson


Name Role
open Chair
Amy Eagle Council Liason


Name Role
open Chair
Caleb Uecker-Herman Council Liason
Karl Wyble
Diane Rabe
Julie Pomeroy
Scot Fay

Growth & Property

Name Role
open Chair
Lynn Bardo Council Liason
Roger Heldt
Kevin Jones
Dale Pomeroy
Tony Barclay
Jerry Wiltzer

Social Ministry

Name Role
Becky Spencer Co-Chair
Ray Schulte Council Liason


Name Role
open Chair
Richard Notestine Council Liason
Larry Sakala
Reed Rollins
Erin Magley

Worship & Music

Name Role
open Chair
Deb Granger Council Liason
Jonathan Lonsway Staff Liason
Josh Crystal Staff Liason

Personnel Committee

Name Role
Sarah Elliott Council Liason
Theresa Phelps
Lynn Snyder

Other Teams

The following are teams that either singular purposes or a limited duration, yet are integral to the life and ministry of our congregation.

Mutual Ministry

Name Role
Travis Atkinson Chair
Ed Tokarek
Monty Williams
Robinn Van Fleet
Paula Gaylord Secretary

Youth Advisory Board

Name Role
Pastor Marcy Miller Staff Liason
Cathy Vogel Council Liason
Jared Rice
Erin Magley
Cathy Crawford
Josh Crystal
Becky McMillie
Joordn Uecker-Herman


Name Role
Chris Christiensen VBX
Cathy Vogel VBX
Erin Gilbert Bethlehem Lutheran
Erin Atkinson
Maria Heldt
Elizabeth Kennedy
Pastor Kevin Sullivan
Christine W. St. Andrews
Father Mike Fedewa St. Andrews
Pastor David Blank Staff Liason
Sharon Ross Staff Liason

Worship Renewal

Name Role
Jan Barclay Chair
Jonathan Lonsway Staff Liason
Lynn Rocca
Tracy Flanders

Memorial Garden

Name Role
Carol Bodbyl
Larry Sakala
Robinn Van Fleet
Linda Vanderhorst
Ginger Williams

Audit Committee

Name Role
Karen Fisher
Bill Merrill
Dan Giedeman