In-Person Services Suspended

Dear Friends in Christ:

Due to the high number of Covid-19 cases being experienced in Kent County, St. Luke’s has suspended “in person” worship services for the time being.

We welcome everyone to join us for our live, online worship service on St. Luke’s website or via our Facebook page  every Sunday at 11:00am.

We invite you to view this season as an opportunity to read a bible story with your children and/or grandchildren through Zoom or Skype.  Use a daily devotional.  St. Luke’s offers “The Word and Season” and “Christ in Our Home.” If you don’t have a copy stop at the church and pick one up or call the office and ask for them to be sent to you.  Check the ELCA website for worship resources ( – sing a hymn, say a prayer, read a passage from scripture or a meditation from one of many amazing writers: Keating, Merton, Buechner, Rohr, Newell, BB Taylor, Chittister, Wright, etc. 

Remember in what we may consider an inconvenience during this pandemic – for others is a time of terrible separation and grief.  God still is present in this time of unknown.  What we do know is that God has given us wisdom through the gifts of science and medicine – following a few simple rules we can minimize the spread of Covid-19 by protecting ourselves and others.  Wash your hands regularly, maintain safe distances and wear a mask.