Meditation Monday – April 19, 2021

I started my day with a strong cup of coffee, my Bible, and my journal. “Yes, sir, God, you get the very best of me. Here I am, in the early morning hours to make sure I start my day right out right”.

But then, the squirrels come.

I begin to think about how today is going to be a busy one… and sadly, before I realize what has happened, I am writing out a to-do list, a grocery list, and thinking about what I need to do to complete one of my projects.

Yup, Squirrels!

My good intention to spend quiet time listening to God was quickly replaced by my squirrely brain. It was as if, instead of resting in God’s love, I let my brain run all over the place in a random manner with no end in sight like a squirrel darting all over a yard.

Squirrels, or should I say “distractions,” are one the most common issues people have with prayer. It can lead to feelings of shame and a whole host of “I should know better” thoughts. Even worse, we can be tempted to throw in the towel and say, “I’m just not good at praying”. 

Truth? Squirrels will always be there. When you get sick of playing chase with them, I urge you to pray with Henri Nouwen and ask for God to be present with you in your struggles.

“Lord Jesus, Free me from the many things that occupy and preoccupy me. Help me just to be with you. To pray with you, glorify you, thank you, worship you. I want to be attentive, more ready to hear you, more willing to understand the mystery of your birth and life, your dying and your rising. Make me still, Lord, make me quiet, and speak to me in that silence.  Amen.