Meditation Monday – 2/8/21

For the time being, I’m ignoring the stack of books and papers on my desk, the dirty dishes in the kitchen and my to-do-list.  I am pausing to savor the smell and taste of my  favorite coffee, in my favorite mug, and enjoying the warmth it generates. I am looking out over the fields and notice the way  the sun-kissed snow is sparkling on fields and partially covering the shrubbery. The lyrics to “This is my Father’s World” run through my mind. Today, the weather forecast says it will be awhile before the sun graces us with its presence, so I am soaking in the beauty of this ordinary moment.

Savoring the ordinary stuff of life is a spiritual discipline

We are a busy, practical, hurried and distracted people.  It can be a struggle to give ourselves permission to slow down and see beauty in the moment. When  approached by a friend who asks us how we are, we often proudly announce that we are “BUSY”.

 Just to be clear, I am not advocating laziness, irresponsible behavior or ignoring people of all ages who depend on us.  What I am saying is that savoring the ordinary stuff of life is a spiritual discipline. It requires intentionality and opens us up to, among other things, the gifts of grace, connection, compassion, wonder, healing, and joy.

I once read a story told about a group of retreat participants who hiked (divided into smaller groups) through the  mountains near San Diego as a part of their retreat. After the afternoon trek, they eagerly compared stories about which group covered the most ground, and which completed the most demanding hike.

Until one young woman asks enthusiastically, “But while you were hiking, did you guys see the eagles soaring over the canyon?” (In other words, on your way to a “destination”, what did you see today–the ordinary–that made your heart glad?)

When is the last time you experienced a deep joy in the ordinary stuff of your days? I’d love to hear about while I savor a hot mug of coffee!