Meditation Monday – February 22, 2021

“My grace is sufficient for you…”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Recently I was reminded by a dear friend of Henri Nouwen’s statement that “we are all walking wounded. ” Throughout my life these words have given me compassion when I was angry and the ability to forgive when in my own woundedness I would rather hold a grudge. Yes, we are all walking wounded, but we are not walking alone. During the season of Lent we are reminded that Jesus knows from experience what it means to walk wounded. Spiritual healing begins with an acknowledgment that He is sufficient. His grace is sufficient. We are not alone with our wounds. 

How about a paradigm shift during this Lenten Season? Knowing that God’s grace is sufficient, we could leave behind discussions about what we are giving up during Lent and move towards embracing God’s sufficiency.  If we embrace the knowledge that His “grace is sufficient,” we would know the we have “enough.” Perhaps, then, we could let go of all attitudes that are not essential to a “sufficiency” mindset?

How about a paradigm shift during this Lenten Season?

What does  a “sufficiency” mindset entail? What would be left behind? The answer will be different for each of us, but it could mean letting  go of a need to for more stuff,  the need to be busy, a fear of tomorrow, or anything else that might stand in the way of living in the knowledge that God’s grace is sufficient.

Father, shine your holy light on the wounds we carry and remind us that you are indeed sufficient. Amen.

Sharon Ross
Minister of Spiritual Formation and Assistant to the Senior Pastor