Lord, hear my prayer,
listen to my cry for mercy;
in your faithfulness and righteousness
come to my relief.

Psalm 143:1

Here at St. Luke’s, in today’s Psalm, we can hear the collective cry for mercy from Earth to Heaven as our world continues to navigate this new season in our lives.

Today we cry out for mercy for those who are ill, recovering from surgery, and facing life threatening medical conditions. Lord, have mercy.

Today let us ask God to listen to our cry for those who are now living under financial strain from COVID 19. Lord, have mercy.

Today let us pray for students and teachers who are at home. We pray for all those across the globe who are scrambling for ways to care for their children spiritually, physically, and mentally. The children, families, and elderly in our world need relief. Lord, have mercy.

Today, O Lord we pray for your wisdom and guidance for all those in policy making positions. Lord, have mercy.

We know You are a God who hears, who sees, and who cares. Lord, have mercy.

Today, we ask that you use our hands, feet, or words to bring mercy and relief to someone today in Your Name. Lord, have mercy.

With the Psalmist we ask: Lord, hear our prayers, our cries for mercy, and in your faithfulness and righteousness come to our relief. Lord, have mercy.

Amen. May God keep all of you safe during these times of uncertainty.  Sharon Ross