Seeking Applicants for Faith Formation Intern

Time Commitment: Eight – Ten Hours a Week, September through May

Compensation: First Year –$ 1,500.00 Second Year – $2,500.00

Mentor/Mentee Assessment: Two formal assessment documents will be filled out by both the mentor and mentee prior to their discussion of said document. Areas to be assessed include: Time Management, Theological and Contemplative Reflection, Ministerial Tasks and Administration, Teaching, Leading congregational servants, Team Dynamics, Strategic Planning and Program Implementation, Counseling and Nurture, Clarity of Written Expression, Self – Awareness and Social Awareness/Intelligence.


  1. Intern Support Meetings
  • Twice a month the intern meets with the pastoral staff made up of the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastor, and the Faith Formation Director for devotions, book discussion, and to address specific ministry questions and issues.
  • On alternate weeks the intern meets one on one with the Faith Formation Director for theological discussions, and developing both ministerial and leadership competencies.
  • Meetings run from 1.5 to 2 hours on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Note: St. Luke’s uses teaching teams in the faith formation classrooms. Meetings and regular interactions with congregational servants from these teams will also provide support and feedback for the intern.
  1. Sunday Morning Teaching
  • Over the course of two years, the mentee will have opportunities to teach in classrooms ranging from 5th grade through senior high on Sunday Morning.
  • Time: Lesson preparation – 1.5 hours, Teaching – 1 hour, Post Teaching Evaluation – .5 hours
  1. Wednesday Evenings:
  • Intern will work with Middle School Youth
  • Lesson Preparation – 1.5 hours, Teaching/Socializing/Activity Time – 2 hours
  1. Other: Meetings, Activities, Service Projects, Retreats/Small Groups/Fundraisers/Special Projects/Preparing for Intern Support Meetings, Workshops
  • 8 hours a month will be spent in a variety of ministry settings depending on need, availability and interest.
  1. Time Log: Intern is expected to keep a detailed log of their time and share it on Wednesdays with the Faith Formation Director.

To apply send cover letter and resume to Sharon Ross, Director of Faith Formation   (We are looking for both male and female applicants).