God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. [John 4:24]

God’s action in worship

God meets us in worship. We experience the Holy Spirit drawing us into a deeper life with God during every part of the liturgy. For example:

†      Confession and Forgiveness: Christ forgives our sins and heals our brokenness.

†      Scripture, Songs, and Sermon: Christ meets us and speaks to us through God’s Holy Word.

†      Holy Communion: Christ gives himself to us in, with, and under the bread of his body and the wine of his blood.

†      Baptism: Christ pours out his Holy Spirit into our hearts and adopts us as God’s children.

God is acting at all times in worship both outside and within us.

Our response to God’s action

The worship service is rehearsal for our own personal daily life with God. The way we respond to God in worship is the way we respond to God always: praise and service.

†      Praise: In response to God’s miraculous and life-giving love, we praise God. We sing of God’s goodness. We pray prayers of thanks. We tell of God’s loving-kindness to others.

†      Service: We share with others the gift of love we have received from God. We give money to support God’s mission. We share God’s peace with our neighbors. We pray to God on behalf of people in need. We go out into the world and build up God’s kingdom, striving for God’s justice, and loving all of God’s children.

God is alive in you

As you come to worship, ask yourself, “What will God give me today? How will the Holy Spirit enlighten me? How will Jesus befriend me?” Come expectant of God’s action because God is alive and transforming you. Then, as you look for God in worship, you will find that you begin looking for God always and everywhere. And indeed, God will be there. “Seek and you will find.” [Matthew 7:8]

Personal Devotion — Holy Spirit, I am your dwelling place. Enlighten me to your loving presence in worship, my life, and the world. Amen.