If you attend our worship services in Lent you will see a change in both the bulletin and The Happenings. The two shall become one in the most epic marriage of church publications in the history of St. Lukes! Starting March 9 instead of receiving two separate publications you will be handed one booklet that will contain all service information and announcements.IMG_0424[1]

So why the change, and why is it important? Several years ago when the projection screens were installed, one our main hopes was to eventually rely on the screens during worship and drastically cut down on the amount of paper we consume. Well, it has taken a long time to get there, but we feel it is an important step to make as stewards of our resources, both financial and natural. This change will also free up our office staff to spend more time supporting our ministries in many different ways.

There is only one more question to ask. What do we call this strange Bulletin/Happenings publication? It is more than the bulletin, and more than The Happenings. To answer this question, we are announcing a naming contest! Unleash all of those creative juices and come up with the best names you can think of. Submit them to the office or in the comments below and the person with the most creative, catchy and appropriate name will receive a $10 gift card! Ready, Set, Go!